How do I ...? (FAQ)

How do I ...? (FAQ)

Q: I'm using a solver that supports warm-starts for integer problems. How do I communicate the initial solution to the solver?

TODO: use start= in @variable or the VariablePrimalStart() attribute.

Q: How can I suppress output in a solver-independent way?

TODO: Update answer for JuMP 0.19.

A: JuMP does not currently support generic parameters independent of the chosen solver object. To suppress output with Gurobi, for example, one would say

m = Model(solver=GurobiSolver(OutputFlag=0))

When a solver is not specified, i.e., the model is created with $m = Model()$, there's no option to suppress output. A workaround is to redirect STDOUT before and after the call to $solve(m)$:

TT = STDOUT # save original STDOUT stream
redirect_stdout(TT) # restore STDOUT